Sunday, May 18, 2014

Untimely Return An Untimely Romance

Untimely Return is a Must Read Time-Travel Novel.

A curse placed on the Richardson family from long ago has thrust Dannika back and forth through time, wreaking havoc on the family, finishing what was started long ago. While cast back into a time that is terribly unfamiliar, Dannika finds her aunt, Heather Richardson, who had mysteriously disappeared years earlier, and encounters a virtuous man who is passionately in love with her.
Back in the twentieth century, the Richardson family accused Ruben Brown of fowl play. Dannika knows this, and yet she needs Ruben for support and maybe more. Losing Dannika would be all the family could take, so Dannika must see Ruben at her own risk. Was Ruben innocent? Who knows. The circumstance of Heather's disappearance was too unreal, too unfathomable. But when Dannika is summoned back in time, she begins to unravel the secrets behind not only Heather's disappearance, but a curse that has brought her into a twisted love triangle that spans hundreds of years, a curse that has ruined Ruben's life, shattered the Richardson family, and sent Dannika's heart into turmoil.
Unbeknownst to the Richardson family, Freesdon Manor was built upon a stone church where a wicked curse set the path for this complex web that is twisting through the fabric of time. Although she is strong willed, Dannika is caught up in a cancerous web of relationships, jealousy, and lust as she is thrust through time. Will she set her family free from this curse before it finally takes its toll? Or will evil rule the day? With it's physiological twists and turns, this must read time-travel novel brings generations together, unearthing a compelling family secret.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Untimely An Untimely Romance

 “An Untimely Romance is a beautiful breakout novel where love is found in the hidden corners of time. A must read for fans of time travel romance!”

~ The Kindle Book Review ABOUT AN UNTIMELY ROMANCE: Heather Richardson is a seventeen-year-old British girl whose life quickly becomes an emotional roller coaster when she meets Ruben Brown, a controlling twenty-four-year-old man who works for her father at Freesdon Manor. As much as Heather wants to love Ruben, the cracks in their relationship begin to show as her eighteenth birthday draws nigh. In a surprising turn of events Heather is confronted by Frank, an intriguing man from a past that dates back to the nineteenth century. His untimely presence changes everything. When she’s thrown back in time by an unrelenting force, Heather realizes that her life is not what it appears to be. Her future has already been written, and it seems she cannot escape her fate, a fate determined by a love lost long ago. In her struggle to find herself, Heather must chose her destiny amidst a dangerous love triangle, vengeful lovers, and passions controlled by the hands of time. Untimely is book 1 in a New romance series that You are going to love! Scroll up and grab a copy today.